The ABI defines the field of technical brushes and entrance mats

Manufacturers of doormats for more than a century

ABI is an icon in the field of technical brushes and entrance mats. Founded in 1910, it has for three generations developed into an all-inclusive supplier of brushes.

One of our core activities is the manufacturing of a complete assortment of entrance mats, including brush mats.

Our mats are supplied to customers all over the world. Today we supply to more than 45 countries! Our service not only includes selling and manufacturing, but if required also includes measuring and a professional installation of the mat.

If you would like further information, you are welcome to make an appointment with our sales team or visit our showroom. Our doors are always open for you!

Our service doesn’t stop at production or sales


Entrance areas

ABI (Almelose Borstel Industrie) is specialized in the first two entrance areas, partly thanks to our brushes, which, as manufacturers, we use in all sorts of shapes and sizes in our entrance mats.

First area

The first area is designed to remove coarse grit, sand and gravel from shoe soles. Our roll-up brush mat and Aluflex mats with brush inlay or rubber are just right for this job. You can, of course also opt for our Duplomat with brushes, rubber or a combination of the two.

Second area

Once you step inside, the second area will ensure that moisture will not get any further. This provides the optimum solution to keep your building, shop or office clean indoors!
For this second area both our Aluflex mats with carpet strips and needle punch carpet and our Duplo mats are widely used.



We try to produce as green as possible


ABI does its utmost to respect the environment and to make the manufacturing processes as “green” as possible. Some of our mats are even for 100% made of recycled material!

Recycling even starts at the office where paper, plastic and cartridges are carefully separated. The money we receive for the recycling of our cartridges is donated to organizations which make positive contributions to our nature.


We also pay careful attention to recycling during the manufacturing process of our mats as during this process there is always refuse remaining.
This refuse is collected and the aluminium is melted down for recycling. The remains of the PVC and nylon are sent back to our supplier for recycling and will be used again in our entrance mats.

Thus, ABI is trying in its own way to contribute its mite to a better and healthier living environment!



A safe entrance starts with a fire safe mat!

Fire safety

All our mats are tested in accordance with the European Fire Safety Standards to ensure that people’s safety is protected if fire breaks out in a place where our mats are installed.

Some of our mats meet even the strictest European Bfl-S1 fire safety standard, ensuring that the mat is almost non-flammable, self-extinguishing and producing hardly any smoke!

TUV tested

The fire behaviour testing of all our mats is carried out by TÜV Rheinland in the Netherlands.

Don’t hesitate to ask our sales team for more detailed information about the fire safety of your chosen entrance mat.

A safe entrance starts with a fire safe mat!



5 years guarantee on the profiles, aluminium and the monofilaments (nylon brushes)

Guarantee Conditions

n adherence with the maintenance tips provided in this brochure, we can provide a guarantee of 5 years on the profiles, aluminium and the monofilaments (nylon brushes).

Please note that there is a 20% write-off per annum.

Provided that the mat is rolled up properly when being moved, we can also give a 5-year guarantee on the construction.

Please bear in mind that our Brush mats consist of regenerated PVC profiles which makes that these mats may expand up to 10 mm if placed in full sun or nearby window panes. The window panes may act as a magnifying glass, causing the mat to expand. If the mat well does not allow for expansion there is a risk of the mat curbing.
We will be happy to give you technical advice if the selection of the best suitable mats for certain locations is difficult for you.

Also lighter colours such as orange, yellow, mint green, pale grey and white are more susceptible to damage resulting from the effects of UVA and UVB. Please bear in mind when determining the location of the mat (in the sun or near window panes).



Like floors the entrance mat needs maintenance

Maintenance Conditions

Like floors the entrance mat needs maintenance. It is recommend to clean the mat regularly to prolong its life span considerably. Depending on the use and the time of the year, this may be needed more or less frequently (daily, weekly, monthly). The location of the mat, the traffic and the intensity of the traffic all affect the frequency of the cleaning. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are unsure about the cleaning frequency. We will be happy to give you advice!


Some advice to increase the life span of your mat:

  • Roll up the mat, (don’t drag it!), sweep or vacuum the floor underneath and roll the mat back. Depending on the time of the year, this may be needed more or less frequently.
  • Only move the mats when they are rolled up with the brushes or carpet facing inwards to avoid damaging the inlays. For Duplomats, lift the modules.
  • The floor surface or mat well must be smooth and kept clean. Sand, grit and small stones can reduce the life span of the mat considerably.
  • Vacuum the surface of the mats, and in particular of the Duplomats with a closed construction, or in the event of larger soiling, clean the mat with a hard brush or high-pressure cleaner. Please note, only use water and no other detergents!