ABI Brush Mats

A clean interior starts at your front door

Everyone is familiar with the problem of soil trailed in from outside. Of the many solutions available, the only efficient one is that of the entrance brush mat. Say goodbye to soil with an ABI roll-up brush mat. This mat brushes off coarse grit, sand and other soil from shoe soles. As the mat gets walked upon, the brushes automatically contour the sole of the shoe, thereby removing street soil from them, without having to wipe one’s feet.

With our brush mats it’s easy to keep dirt outside


Brush mats are especially effective outdoors (the first area), but can also be used
indoors. This special mat is standard available in 14 colours that are UV stabilized. If required, we can also adapt the height of the brushes to your needs. We can also process logos into the brush mats to give your entrance a personal touch.en.


The ABI brush mat consists for almost 100% of recycled material. This mat consists of carefully selected semi-finished components. Durable nylon filaments are cut and bundled into brushes. Hard and impact-resistant plastic profiles are cut to measure, after which holes are drilled into them. The brushes are then implanted into the holes. The PVC profiles are threaded together with flexible stainless steel wires, which also keep them firmly in place..

Mats with your own logo

You can also customize the ABI Brush Mats with your own logo in color. Give your entrance a personal and exclusive touch!

Discover the possibilities


Mat thickness22 mm
Profile distance4 mm
BrushesNylon 6.6 (polyamide). This material has the property of returning to its original shape after being walked upon.
Plastic profileRecycled PVC. This application immediately displays the perfect characteristics: the right strength and is resistant to all weather conditions (+90 ̊ to -50 ̊).
End profileU profile, 2 mm thick anodised aluminium 15x20x15. An aluminium angle edge profile is also possible.
Binding wires2 mm diameter rust-proof or stainless steel wire.
Afstandscupjes4 mm thick EPDM.
Garantie5 years on brushes, plastic pro les, with normal use and regular maintenance.
Gewichtca. 15 kg/m2

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