Matten met uw eigen logo

Personalize your entrance

Almelose Brush Industry (ABI) has acquired a worldwide reputation for its expertise in manufacturing entrance mats and brushes with special applications. Thanks to our experience of many years and our revolutionary ideas we can offer you a lot more than just the manufacturing of brushes for your entrance mat. With the colours available in nylon threads as well as our ultra modern production techniques, it is possible for us to work logos and designs into the brushes.

Personalize your entrance

We can process logos both into our brush mats, all our Alu ex mats and Alucable mats, and into our Duplomats. The only thing we need from you is an original EPS le. If you haven’t got one, it’s no problem at all, as we can also have it made for you at a small cost. A logo in your mat will enable you to personalize your entrance and give your building a smart appearance!

In 16 colours

Our nylon yarns are available in 16 different colours.

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